What month should I paint my house in Roswell? Depending on where you reside, you should know when to paint your house’s exterior. Locations with regularly warm temperatures and sunny skies have it a little simpler. Avoid painting when the temperature falls below 40 degrees Fahrenheit, according to a professional painter from One Man And A Brush Painting. Paint may have problems sticking if it’s too chilly and may even roll off. Humidity and heat can also be problems. Exterior paint may typically dry in an hour, but humidity might slow down the process.

When Should I Paint My Homes Exterior? 1

If the temperature is extremely high, take into account the health and safety of the painters. Ideal temperatures might range from 65 to 90 F because you really want to avoid extremes. The optimum time to paint the exterior of your home will typically be in the spring or fall when the temperatures are more reasonable.

We avoid starting a job when it’s going to rain, and as a general rule, I like to make sure the substrates are entirely dry following rainy weather, so dry weather is also necessary for a fresh paint project. You should never paint a wet surface, therefore after a significant downpour, I like to let the surfaces air dry for a day if the sun comes out. Another significant problem is the wind; while a light breeze may be soothing, excessive wind can cause overspray and paint to go on everything from your dog to your automobile. Decide between painting the exterior of your house in the spring or the fall based on the region’s average monthly rainfall. Wait until there is a calm, clear forecast.

An average-sized home can be painted in four to five days if you’ve hired professionals to perform the job. But if you’re doing the work yourself, allow for a potential time increase of two to three times.