Which outdoor paint lasts longest in Georgia? The majority of seasoned painters concur that acrylic exterior paint produces the most durable finish. An excellent explanation of the advantages of acrylic exterior paint is provided by One Man And A Brush Painting:

The most durable paint is acrylic, which is also renowned for its ability to withstand numerous effects of the elements. Acrylic paint is ideal for homes located in hot regions or climates because of its outstanding ability to withstand fading or damage brought on by exposure to the sun.

What You Should Know About Durable Paint 1

100% Acrylic latex is fantastic for the majority of exterior surfaces, including wood, masonry, siding, metal, and outside trim. The resistance of these paints to temperature changes is particularly strong. Before beginning your next painting project, ask your exterior painting professionals at One Man and A Brush Home Painters about their favorite acrylic exterior paints if the paint on your home or managed property isn’t withstanding the heat in your area.

Selecting the Right Sheen for Exterior Painting
It’s time to select an outside paint sheen that best satisfies your preferences and the needs of your exterior after determining the sort of paint that will last the longest for you.

Exterior paint is often applied in one of two finishes: Satin for Siding and Gloss for Trim. Satin provides anti-fading and water and stain resistance while maintaining a polished appearance on exterior siding. Gloss sheen provides the highest durability for wood trim protection to prevent sun & rain damage.