How long should you stay out of the house in Marietta after painting? If you’re considering having a room painted by One Man And A Brush Painting, you might be concerned about whether it’s secure to spend the night there once they’ve finished. With the right amount of preparation and enough time for the paint to cure, the answer is yes. Knowing what to anticipate can help you make sure that everyone in your house is safe when we’re done painting.

Time You Need to Avoid Going Inside After Painting 1

How long should you wait once a room has been painted with One Man and A Brush?
After painting a room, you can sleep there as long as you give the paint ample time to completely dry beforehand. The kind of paint we used at One Man And A Brush Painting will also determine how long you should wait, typically 2 to 4 hours. Paint comes in two primary categories:

Water-based: Unlike oil-based paints, this kind—typically latex paint—emits fewer volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and dries relatively quickly.

We’ll let you know the type of paint we’re using because their drying times and fume levels are extremely dissimilar. The rule of thumb is to give oil-based paint around 24 hours to cure and water-based paint for about two to four hours. Make a strategy before the painting project begins to give the space enough time to dry and breathe before relocating residents.

Giving the room extra time to adequately air out is a good idea if you have or expecting a newborn who will sleep there after painting, the painters can use a NO VOC paint to be safe.