Nobody wants to embark on a costly and disruptive undertaking like painting your house’s exterior. Unfortunately, waiting a few more years to complete exterior paintwork can harm your home. Your home’s first line of defense against the elements is paint. So, how long will exterior paint last in georgia? Look at One Man And A Brush’s tips about the perfect time to repaint the exterior.

The Durability of Exterior Paint 1

Depending on the caliber of paint and the level of skill used the last time, exteriors should be painted every five to ten years.

Based on the outside surface, the following recommendations:

Each three to seven years, wood surfaces need to be painted.
About every five years, aluminum siding requires painting.
Every five to six years, the stucco needs to be painted again.

Don’t hesitate to call us if you see any of the failure indicators. For painting projects, we provide no-cost in-home quotes. To arrange yours, call us right now.

Do you recall the last time you painted your house’s exterior? or applied a lovely fresh coat of stain to your deck? Simply seeing the end product made me feel wonderful; your house appeared remodeled and reenergized. Isn’t it good to look at your house and experience that emotion once more?

However, it has been a while; most of us are unable to precisely recall how long ago it was. So how do you determine when to paint the exterior of your home again?

Perhaps a stunning new color scheme that caught your eye inspired you and you decided it would be ideal for your house. Or maybe you’re just sick of the hue you have right now and want to make a small change. In either case, we provide a ton of color suggestions to guide your decision.

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