The surfaces of a house must be cleaned and prepared before painting. Power washing is frequently an effective approach to completely clean the exterior of your property in order to get it ready for new paint. But it doesn’t mean you should imitate your neighbor just because he grabbed a pressure washer and went to town on his house. Is power washing my house in Canton, Georgia myself worth it? Know the risks associated with pressure washing your home and how to do it safely.

Should Your House Be Pressure-Washed? 1

Pressure Washing Your Home Might be Dangerous.
Despite the fact that pressure washers are routinely used in homes, there are unanticipated risks involved.

1. When water is sprayed with too much pressure, it may seep through your walls and into your house. Your home can survive a low PSI from a pressure washer and is built to withstand rain and other moisture. However, when pressure washers are used to their fullest potential, you run the risk of developing moldy carpets, wet attics, and other unfavorable side effects.

2. If pressure washing is performed incorrectly, siding may be harmed or even torn loose. If the user doesn’t know what they’re doing, they risk blasting away the mortar on brick houses as well.

3. The pressure washer, in the hands of a novice, has the potential to damage window seals, rip out window screens, and more.

4. In the event that you had merely intended to clean your home, you may suddenly have to repaint. It can remove paint.

You might be wondering why you should even think about pressure cleaning your home given all the risks. Pressure washing, however, can be quite advantageous for your house if done properly.

Pressure washing, when carried out by a professional, is an important step in getting your home’s surfaces ready for repainting.