In addition to the selection of different colors, the types of paint inside and outdoors are different. Usually, the type of paint for outdoors will have stronger durability than indoors. The cause is the weather, temperature, and conditions that are more varied than the paint in the room. How long should paint last on a house around Woodstock?

Some professionals will encourage repainting on the outside of the house within 4 to 6 years to make it look good.

How often it is necessary to repaint the outside of the house depends on several factors, namely the location of the residence, the type of paint material, and the quality. Exterior paint will have different needs that depend on the location where a person lives. For example, a house that is placed on the coast has a hotter climate and sea air, as well as exposure to elements such as sand, make sure it will need paint with higher durability. Houses on the beach may need to be repainted as often as possible once every year because it is more easily eroded by the weather and higher temperature conditions.


Repainting the House 1


Whereas a house located in an area that has cooler air will require a re-paint every five to seven years.

Sunlight fade paint choosing exterior paint that has the best quality is the best solution so that the repainting is not too often, because the sun’s ultraviolet rays will cause chemical compounds in decomposed paint. This is especially if using oil-based paint. This will eliminate or fade the color of the paint rather than the usual paint in a shady place. Paint with dark colors applied in bright areas will look shinier and not visible when the paint fades compared to white paint.

Sun damage can also cause paint blisters or bubbles, as well as a phenomenon called chalking when the paint surface becomes powdery and faded.