Does pollen season in Georgia affect exterior painting or deck staining?

Best time to paint house exterior in Georgia. Over the past 18 years we’ve had more than acouple of high pollen seasons around metro Atlanta GA. The question we get asked the most before spring season is, “Does the pollen affect exterior painting?” or “Can you stain our deck during pollen season?” Not only do we get asked these questions, but we also hear a lot of customers say, “We’re going to wait until after pollen season to have the work done.” But more important than anything else, you should have peace-of-mind in making a decision as to when to have any work done on your home.

From a business standpoint, I can’t remember a time when pollen prohibited us from doing a quality job. Whether it’s exterior painting, deck staining or any of our other painting services, we don’t have any problems with the pollen. There are a couple of reasons why we don’t have any pollen problems:

(1) Pollen is like a fine dust, and it can be easily wiped, blown, or rinsed off before applying any paint products

(2) The advanced exterior paints we use today dry very quickly during this time of year. The paints & stains are dry before any pollen can stick to it.

Again, what’s most important is that you as a customer have peace of mind in your decision. If you think it’s best to have your work done before or after, and not during pollen season, that’s what you should do. We know if doesn’t affect the quality of our work, and One Man and A Brush can give you the same quality work no matter what time of year it is, even during pollen season.

Richard Nelson,
One Man and A Brush