Your old painted walls can be layered over the new ones, which seems simple enough. It shouldn’t be too difficult to repaint the wall as it had already been painted once. Can I just paint over old paint in Woodstock? In order to assist you to paint your walls, even if a dark hue was previously painted on them, this article on painting advice will explain in detail a few prevalent circumstances and offer straightforward remedies.

Painting Over Previously Painted Walls 1

If the Color of Your Walls Matches and They Are in Good Condition
If the new coat is the same sort of paint as the old coat, you usually don’t require primer paint. Simply choose the paint color you desire, then move forward. You can move right onto the paint if the existing wall is also smooth and clean.

If All of Your Walls Share the Same Color and the Situation Is Bad
To achieve a smooth, even foundation layer for the colored paint, your best bet is to apply spackling to small holes and imperfections, sand the areas smooth and apply a good layer of primer. Many of the flaws you’re attempting to conceal in this situation will be covered up by your prep & primer. Continue to the following step after that has been addressed.

What if you painted your walls a different shade of color?
If the new paint has a different color from the old paint and the wall is in good condition, then the two paints are chemically identical, you have a few options.

1. You can apply one or two coats of the new paint after fully covering the previous color with primer.

2. A more recent choice that can be perfect for your needs and even speed up the project is paint and primer in one paints.

Compare prices and select the one that best fits your budget.