On the look and feel of your home, paint and wallpaper may both have a significant impact. Consideration should be given to whether to go all-out with paint, all-out with wallpaper, or a combination of the two, especially if you want your newly designed room to survive for several years. When trying to decide how many walls should be covered in wallpaper and which should be painted, the cost may be one thing to take into account, however, it shouldn’t be the main deciding factor. Is it cheaper to paint or to wallpaper in Canton?

Paint or Wallpaper: Which Is Cheaper? 1

In general, painting costs less, however wallpapering is more durable and long-lasting. A well-selected paint color and plenty of accent pieces in complementary color schemes may help you create a lovely look in any room, even if you’re on a small budget.

One accent wall with wallpaper may be enough to add style to the space if you have the extra money in your budget. This is a fantastic method to express your design sense without going overboard with your limited funds. In the event that you decide to switch out that accent wall in a few years, it won’t be difficult to do so because modern wallpaper is also pretty simple to take off.

Depending on the quality of paint you select, the price of a gallon will typically be approximately $30. The price of paint, primer, and supplies for a 10×10-foot room will be around $150. Between the primer, paste (if required), and wallpaper rolls, a room the equivalent size would require wallpapering would cost about $275. Since the price of wallpaper tends to vary greatly — from $15 to $50 per roll, for example — this figure might be more erratic. The minimum number of rolls needed to cover a 10×10-foot space is six.

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