It’s important to Pressure Wash a House Before Painting

People are occasionally tempted to avoid washing the exterior when they are eager to paint their house. Cleaning your house is essential to getting an even and quality paint job. So, do you have to pressure wash a house before painting in georgia? Look at One Man And A Brush’s response. One Man And A Brush is a seasoned painting contractor who has painted over a hundred homes for happy clients. We pressure-wash our painted homes to achieve the best results.

Before painting, pressure washing offers the opportunity to thoroughly clean the surface of any dust, grime, and cobwebs. Washing your home will give the fresh coat the best chance to adhere to the undercoat. We can ensure that the paint applies smoothly and does not simply roll over dirt by wiping up all the debris. Mildew can frequently be found on the siding of houses. Only bleach can completely remove this mildew, and our bleaching solution will completely get rid of any mildew on the exterior of your property.

The capacity of a pressure washer to access areas that a standard garden hose or bucket cannot is one benefit of using one to clean your house before painting. Our pressure washer can reach high up onto houses and fit into niches. These are locations that may have never been cleaned before! We can remove the dirt and mildew from these challenging areas by utilizing the pressure washer.

The first step in preparing your house for painting is pressure washing. One Man And A Brush offers pressure washing services in addition to scraping and sanding loose nails, priming bare spots, and caulking stucco cracks. To provide the greatest paint job possible, we take extra care to prepare the exterior of your home. Call One Man And A Brush when you’re ready for a stunning paint job that will make your house the talk of the neighborhood.

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