How long is exterior house paint in Alpharetta, Georgia good for? There are various elements that affect how long the exterior paint of your home lasts, but the average lifespan is 5 to 10 years. The surface underneath and local weather patterns have a significant impact on how long your outside paintwork lasts.

How Long Does Exterior Paint Last After A New Coat 1

It is advised that you use specialists to do the highest-quality paintwork, which will guarantee that your external paint job is long-lasting, gorgeous, and most significantly – cost-effective.

The Type of Surface Determines How Durable
It’s challenging to predict how long exterior paint will stay on your home because every home is unique. The timescale can be greatly altered depending on your location, the local weather, and how effectively your most recent paint job was completed.

In addition, the type of surface used for the exterior of your property matters. There are many various types of surfaces that can be used to build a house, but the following general overview can help you determine how frequently you should paint the exterior of your home depending on the surface type:

  • Every three to seven years for wood siding
  • Every 8 to 17 years for brick
  • Every 5 to 12 years for stucco
  • Every five years for aluminum
  • Every seven to twelve years for new or blended materials

The Previous Painting
You recently moved into a new home, whether you bought it or rented it. The only issue is that you don’t know when the house was last painted, making it difficult to determine when you’ll need to do it again. It’s crucial to learn about the type, quality, and even color of the paint used because these factors greatly influence how long your house’s exterior paint will last and how soon it will need to be repainted. Lighter-colored, high-quality paints typically last the longest, making it easier to assess your outside painting issue.