How long will exterior paint last outside Alpharetta? Depending on the kind of paint you choose and the environment where it is applied, exterior paint can last anywhere between 5 and 10 years. Because of this, by carefully preparing the surface and using paint that matches the style of the exterior being repainted, you can extend the lifespan of a finish.

How Long Does Exterior Paint Last Outside? 1

Good Power Wash the Exterior
Giving your house a thorough power wash is the first step you should take to get it ready for painting. With a power wash, pollutants are removed from a house and a nicer painted finish is achieved. Power washing removes any distracting residue as well as any existing cracking, peeling, or bubbling that may be present.

It’s Vital to What Kind of Paint You Pick
When choosing a paint, it never hurts to spend money on a high-quality, if not premium, paint. Because stucco is a solid surface, it doesn’t expand or touch as siding or wood does. As a result, you typically pay less to paint this surface than to purchase siding or wood paint. A home with an exterior made of wood or sided should cost between $55 and $65 per gallon to paint.

Check to See If the Painting Contractor Has a License, Bond, and Insurance
Additionally, you ought to speak with a contractor who has a solid reputation for doing a good job in the neighborhood. Check internet directories like Yelp or Angie’s List to get the process started. A contractor in this position is typically dedicated to giving back to the community and developing a solid clientele.

A home’s exterior can be painted and kept looking good for a reasonable price by following a few simple steps, including power washing, surface preparation, hiring a reputable contractor, and choosing the correct paint.

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