Beware of the Amateur Handyman House Painter

Beware of the Amateur Handyman House Painter

Unfortunate things can happen if your house painter is not an Experienced Woodstock House Painting Professional.

Anyone can call themselves a house painter in Woodstock GA. Compared to some of the other skilled trades, house painting does not require a lot of expensive tools and equipment to get started. An inexperienced person can spend a few hundred bucks on some buckets, brushes, rollers and a 6′ ladder, put some signs on their pickup truck, and he’s magically he’s a house painter in the “house painting business.”

This “Handyman House Painter” usually can find work, because his bids are lower. He can afford to under bid the jobs because doesn’t have anything invested – no experience or training, no business overhead, no license or insurance. He also cuts corners, sometimes deliberately and sometimes because he doesn’t know any better.

He under bids the project because he is clueless about what it takes to do a professional house painting in Woodstock GA job. He doesn’t know what prep work is required to do the job right the first time.

His inexperience doesn’t recognize potential trouble, or what causes the various underlying problems common with house painting, or how to fix them. All he knows is how to slap paint on a wall.

His inexperience again, under estimates the materials for the job, and you end up with 1 coat of paint instead of 2 coats, or even worse he realizes there is no profit in the project, he asks for a draw and never shows back up, leaving you with an unfinished painting project.

He misses or skips the prep details like caulking, nail pops, priming, because it’s an extra step and he basically doesn’t care about anything but getting paid.

Unfortunately, his shortcuts and mistakes don’t show up right away. His amateur Woodstock house painting job may look alright at first, maybe it will last for a year or two. But what happens when the paint job starts to fail? Did he offer a warranty in writing? Is he willing to stand behind his work? Will he return your calls, if his phone hasn’t been disconnected? Is he even still in the house painting business?

At One Man and A Brush Woodstock Painters, all of our house painters are pro house painting craftsmen, and have a minimum of 5 years experience. We take great pride in performing only the highest quality work while still offering an affordable house painting service.

We use only the best time-proven products, all at a competitive price, including a 5-year warranty on all projects, that we feel offers the best house painting deal in town.
Choosing a professional painting contractor to work on your home is one of the most important decisions you can make. That’s why more and more homeowners are trusting One Man and A Brush Pro Painters for clean, on-time, budget friendly, quality exterior painting, interior painting, handyman services and home improvements.

A competitive price is important, but we believe “True Customer Satisfaction” is realized by utilizing four important ingredients – a
highly skilled house painting craftsman, insuring proper preparation, utilizing quality paint, and providing superior customer service.

Our goal is to serve all of your house painting needs with only the highest level of professionalism. We are House Painters “That Care”, and a Painting Contractor with “Integrity” that delivers on our promise of 100% customer satisfaction.

By Richard Nelson – One Man and A Brush Woodstock House Painters


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