If you choose to forego power washing the exterior of your home even though it may seem like it doesn’t need it, you will not be doing yourself a favor by putting off exterior painting for much longer than necessary. Your home probably isn’t as clean as you believe it is, even if it appears to be. The question is Can you paint in Woodstock without pressure washing? The paint won’t remain on a building for very long if it hasn’t been well cleaned before being applied. Professional power washing not only guarantees that dirt is eliminated, but also eliminates old paint, mildew, and chalking that you might not be able to see yourself.

Does Your Home Need to be Power Washed Before Painting? 1

Chalking is the result of years of sun exposure causing the original paint surface to degrade. You might notice a chalky residue from your present paint color on your thumb if you lick it and then swipe it over the paint film. The paint won’t adhere correctly if you try to paint over this chalky surface without first power cleaning it.

The same is true of dust and dirt. For the paint to adhere, the surface must always be clean.

A mildew or mold issue may exist in your home if you notice green growth or grey spores. Professional pressure washing chemicals are used to eliminate this type of organic growth so that your fresh paint job will last. If you paint over mold or mildew, it won’t be long until the fresh paint is eaten away by the fungi.

So, yes, you should power wash your property before painting it to ensure that the fresh layer of paint correctly adheres to the exterior of your house. Power washing is essential to consistently get a paint job that lasts.