Choosing The 2016 Exterior Paint Colors That Are In Trend

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Finding the right exterior paint color for your home can be daunting when there are thousands to choose from. One Man and A Brush is the premier painter in the Woodstock, Georgia area who offers great advice on choosing your home’s exterior paint color when you want to make sure your home is contemporary and “in” with the latest trend.

Whether your home has traditional architectural style or something new and contemporary-modern, using quality flexible paint colors is key. By flexible, we mean paint colors that will look great on many architectural home styles. If you’re looking for 2016 “In” colors for your Woodstock or surrounding area home’s exterior, One Man and A Brush can offer you great advice.


Are Bright Colors Totally Out?

Absolutely not. In many areas of the U.S., bright colors will always trend even though what is “in” for that area can vary. Coastal homes, tropical homes, and nature-inspired homes will always sport fabulous bright or bold colors. Victorian homes will forever need accenting with beautiful, bright paint colors and many contemporary homes are sporting bright and bold reds, oranges, blues and other tones. Choosing the right paint color in bright colors should be carefully considered because it’s very easy to make the wrong choice in bold colors that look garish instead of fabulous.


So What Paint Colors Are In For 2016?

One very “In” quality paint color is the current favorite of the painters at One Man and A Brush -SW 7008 Alabaster, from Sherwin-Williams. The neutral tone is sublime and amazing on many architectural home styles from colonial to contemporary and more. In fact, Sherwin-Williams is saying that neutral, calming, flexible tones are in for 2016.

Other similar colors such as Cream, Almond, Sand, and Ivory are clean, crisp, and calming. This is a wonderful idea for a background color where you can add in more attention grabbing trim such as vibrant red, black, or turquoise.

Lighter shades of paint help to reflect sunlight and tend to last longer when used on your Woodstock area home’s exterior. With the flexibility lighter tones offer, you can find the perfect match for all architectural home styles.

Calming colors can also be wonderful accent colors for trim on darker home exteriors. Whether it’s darker brick or darker paint on a stucco, concrete, or wood exterior, Sherwin-Williams Alabaster stands out as a beautiful contrast when used as an accent.


Ask A Professional Painter For Advice

The help of a professional painter may be your best option when choosing these beautiful options. If you live in Woodstock, Alpharetta, Roswell, Canton, Cumming, or any of the other areas One Man and A Brush serves, you can have all the expert advice you need about choosing in trend colors for your home’s exterior painting project, so just give them a call at the number below.


If you would like to know more about 2016 trending paint colors for home exteriors in the Woodstock, GA or surrounding areas, please call 678-368-5115 or complete our online request form.