Painting the walls of the house turns out to require special techniques. Time is the main factor in the success or failure of the painting. The outside and inside of the house also have different painting techniques. Pick the ideal time of year to paint the house. So that the final result of wall paint can be durable and not peel off quickly. Then, What is the best time to paint house exterior in Alpharetta?

The exterior of the house or the outside of the house is the initial appearance that others will see. If the exterior is good, then the interior will be even better. Therefore, it is important to make the exterior of the house as good and attractive as possible. One of the main factors in the exterior appearance of the house is the paint. Painting the exterior of the house is a difficult task, depending on the season.


Best Time to Paint the House 1


If the temperature is too cold, the paint can have problems and will peel off. When the rainy season is not the best choice for painting the exterior of the house. Wet air and humid temperatures will cause the old paint to dry. Besides rain, the wind is also another big problem. Too much wind can make the paint less adherent and cause rapid peeling. It can be concluded, summer but with cool air is the best time to paint the exterior of the house.

Painting the inside of the house can be done in any season and at any temperature. The paint will take longer to dry, though. Especially if there are family members in the house. This can cause poor air circulation because the paint vaporizes the chemicals. If you plan to paint the interior of your home while the family is home, look for paints without VOCs (volatile organic compounds). This paint will not emit gases, or release as many chemicals into the air as possible.