Interior paints are typically intended to last three to five years before needing to be repainted. Depending on the manufacturer, exterior paints and stains can last anywhere between five and twenty years. However, the longevity of the paint depends not only on the quality of the paint itself but also on weather and environmental variables. What is the longest-lasting exterior house paint in Woodstock? Take a look at One Man And A Brush’s choice for long-lasting exterior paint.

Best Long-Lasting Exterior Paint 1

A product with an oil base will always be the most resilient and long-lasting exterior paint, yet 95% of homeowners and professionals prefer acrylic paint since it is more accessible and long-lasting.

Oil-based paints are your best bet if you’re painting or staining external wood. In comparison to latex paints, they provide the most durable protection and are less prone to fracture or peel over time. More so than acrylic paints, oil-based paints are resistant to mold and mildew. It is challenging and requires more experience to work with oil-based paints, though. Additional safety equipment that you’ll need includes rubber gloves and a respirator.

Select outdoor acrylic paint over latex if oil-based paint is not an option since it is more moisture- and mildew-resistant.

On stucco surfaces, a select few paint kinds are effective, but not all of them will. Because they are more flexible than other paints, elastomeric, acrylic, or a combination of these should be used as exterior paints over stucco surfaces. Acrylic paints have a strong bond with the surface and won’t flake off over time. Since it resists moisture, masonry paint typically lasts longer than acrylic paint.

Just be careful that the paint you chose won’t seep through the pores in the stucco surface, or it can discolor your foundation walls. The exterior of stucco can also be painted using fiberglass-reinforced elastomeric coatings.

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