A House’s Exterior Paint Job’s Durability

Regarding the durability of exterior paintwork, there is a lot of misinformation. Professional painters often offer warranties of only two years, but some businesses make long-term promises. Numerous factors, many of which you have little or no influence over, must be taken into account in order to get an accurate estimate for your individual property. How long does Woodstock exterior paint need to dry before rain?

A House's Exterior Paint Job's Durability 1

On a fundamental level, well-applied exterior acrylic paint will last 5–10 years, with latex and oil-based paints lasting a little less. These estimations are difficult to apply uniformly since a variety of factors, including weather, the type of material being painted, the brand of paint used, and the efficiency of the work itself, might influence when you will need to repaint.

The paint’s durability over time will actually be significantly influenced by the color you choose. Darker hues tend to absorb more sunlight, which makes them fade more quickly. If the sheltered side of your property has a ten-year lifespan, you can therefore assume that the sunny side will need to be painted in three to five years for dark paint and five to seven years for light paint.

Exterior paint needs time to completely dry, and even a dry surface doesn’t guarantee that the paint has fully cured. The ideal drying time for outdoor latex paints is 24 hours, although most of them need 4-6 hours to finish drying.

Using the proper approach will also enable you to maximize the life of a position. Always work your way down, starting at the top with the overhangs. Besides, improve adherence and uniformity by applying to prime and paint with an airless sprayer first, then rolling it in with a high-quality roller. After the walls are complete, cover the edges of the doors and windows with painter’s tape and start working on the trim.

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